Counselling Services

I am currently offering individual counselling services in Nanaimo face to face or by phone. I have some evening availability.

My areas of focus include:

Trauma and PTSD 

Grief and loss

LGBTQ community, sexuality and gender identity

Chronic stress

Low self esteem

Building meaningful relationships

Life transitions


Addictions and disordered eating

Some approaches I might use in our work together include:

emotion-focused work to go to the heart of each emotion, recognizing that emotions connect the body and mind, the past and present, and our biology and life story

somatic work to address sensory and movement experience particularly as this domain relates to trauma and early attachment issues

psychodynamic work to discover habitual patterns of relating and to realize new ways of connecting

mindfulness-based work to promote radical inclusivity, a means to embrace all of reality as it is

humanistic/transpersonal work to address how we give meaning to our lives

attachment/relational work to allow whatever arises in our relationship to promote deeper intimacy

cognitive-behavioral work to change unhelpful beliefs about yourself, others and the world

“A designation of BC Association of Clinical Counsellors”

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